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Out of office automatic response


Update 2 October 2017 -

Following feedback from staff, we are now offering an alternative template for your out of office message -

Dear Colleague

Thank you for your e-mail.  I am currently on leave and will be returning on (date).

I regret that I will not be able to read any e-mails sent to me during my absence.  In addition, due to the volume of e-mails, I cannot guarantee reading your e-mail following my return from leave.  If it is important that I read your message personally, please send it again following my return.

(if applicable) Alternatively, in my absence, please contact (insert contact details of deputy or suitable contact).          

With much thanks

(name etc.)

Of course, the same proviso exists as before; i.e. you are free to vary from this depending on your own personal preferences and circumstances.

Original article from June 2017 -

Everyone likes to handle their emails in their own way when they return from leave, but if you feel that you receive too many emails that you're struggling to work through when you return, then you may wish to set up the following automatic response -

Dear Colleague

I am on annual leave from (insert date) to (insert date).

During this period I will not be reading emails and your email will be deleted.

In my absence please contact (insert deputy or suitable contact) or alternatively contact me on my return.

Many thanks

(insert name and job title)

German vehicle manufacturers Daimler have followed this advice and introduced a new policy for their staff, where they can choose to set their account to automatically delete the emails that they received while they were away.