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Hello my name is .... stickers for toughbooks

As part of the Outstanding Way initiaive DCHS has embraced the national Hello my name is campaign and taken it beyond a name badge .... we have produced robust vinyl stickers for Toughbooks and laptops and they are now available for staff.

Working with a Toughbook or laptop can feel awkward; it can feel like you are putting a barrier between you and your patient.  Having a Hello my name is sticker (facing the right way so that patients can see/read it properly!) helps to break down that barrier.  It is friendly, simple to use and a great basis for building trusting relationships with patients.

We spoke to Community Nurse Tom Davidson (Swadlincote Health Centre) about the new stickers. You can see what he thinks by viewing this short video.

Anyone wanting a sticker should e-mail  or drop in to a Let's FIX IT Clinic - 26-30 June 2017.

The Hello my name is campaign was launched by Dr Kate Granger following a hospital stay in August 2013 with post-operative sepsis.  The key purpose of the campaign is to encourage and remind frontline staff about the importance of introductions in healthcare.  Introductions are about making a human connection between one human being who is suffering and vulnerable, and another human being who wishes to help. They begin therapeutic relationships and can instantly build trust in difficult circumstances.  It is also is the first rung on the ladder to providing truly person-centred care.