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Safe use of scissors

Sterile scissors must be used if cutting a sterile, primary dressing.


We have some advice for clinical staff when using scissors:

  • Single patient use scissors should be utilised on secondary dressings i.e. those that do not have direct contact with the wound bed. However, the scissors must be decontaminated between each use with either a Clinell sanitising wipe or detergent and water. They may be stored in the patient’s equipment box if safe to do so.
  • Scissors should not be used to cut leg ulcer bandages prior to removal, these should be unwound by hand.
  • Staff should not be carrying scissors in their uniform pockets and utilising them between patient visits.
  • Once a sterile dressing pack is opened, if the contents within are not utilised at that time then any remaining contents must be disposed of.
  • Staff to ensure, when possible that the most appropriate size dressing is utilised/ordered, as this will eliminate the need for cutting dressings to size and is more cost effective.