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NHSmail Transition

What you need to know-

As you know NHSmail is in the process of transitioning over to the new NHSmail2 service. Some user accounts have now been transferred and it is anticipated the transition process will be completed by next month. During this transition a number of issues have arisen which have caused temporary disruption to some users of NHSmail. The problems encountered include dificulty synchronising mobile devices and issues setting Out of Office Notifications. Issues are not affecting all users and may be intermittent or short-lived.Some issues can be resolved by restarting Outlook; by resetting mobile access to NHSmail or by using the internet version of NHSmail at as a temporary workaround while issues are resolved. The NHSmail support pages list known issues and provide resolution. The pages also can be found here . If you are having on-going problems with NHSmailand are not able to resolve them, please continue to contact the ArdenGem helpdesk who will be able to offer you further support.