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New Application Registration Card

The Home Office is launching an upgraded ARC, which will be rolled out to new asylum applicants from late June 2017.

The ARC is the identification card used by asylum applicants to prove they have an asylum claim in progress. This gives them the right to certain entitlements and benefits.

Staff in the NHS and the Police, as well as employers and financial institutions should be aware of the new ARC, as it may be presented as a new form of identification.

The roll out of the new ARC is due to complete by July 2017, meaning that all asylum applicants who have submitted a claim from this time will receive the new ARC. Read the FAQ about this new system.

The new ARC closely resembles the Biometric Residence Permit that is currently issued to non-EU citizens in the UK. It includes 47 new security features, an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) compliant biometric image and a validity period. Please note that the new ARC is not a travel document.

The current version of the ARC will stop being issued from July 2017, but cards will continue to be valid until 2019.

If you have any questions about the ARC, please contact