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Recording of Annual Leave and Bank Holidays

For the attention of People Managers & Leaders:  Annual & Bank Holiday Leave

As you are no doubt aware unfortunately due to several technical reasons there has been some delay in uploading the carried forward leave from 2016/17 into ESR/HealthRoster. Also delayed has been the implementation of the annual leave interface from HealthRoster directly into ESR, we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.  We are now however in a position to be able to update you on the situation and any actions that are required.

Annual leave interface from HealthRoster into ESR

  • Only applicable to staff that are rostered
  • Live as from August 2017
  • All rostered staff now have their bank holidays included in their annual leave entitlement
  • Leave taken will be interfaced at the end of the month from HealthRoster and will appear in ESR the following month.  N.B. this means to get an up to date balance HealthRoster should be referred to
  • N.B. the interface will only work if ALL rosters in the Trust are finalised

Required Manager Actions 
Ø	Future leave should be entered by the employee via Employee Online and is to be entered in HealthRoster ONLY – please see attached information on requesting and recording of leave
Ø	If the employee is unable to add due to it overlapping an approved roster this will need to be added by someone with admin or manager access to the roster
Ø	Ensure that all leave taken (including any bank holidays**) is correct in HealthRoster and finalised by 24th July
Ø	Moving forward, rosters must be finalised (by 12.00 every Monday)

Carried over leave from 16/17

  • We will have this uploaded into ESR & HealthRoster by the end of July 

** Prior to uploading carried over leave into ESR we have been undertaking an audit of bank holidays entered into the system from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017. We have identified that not all employees, who have their bank holidays added to their annual leave entitlement, have been entering this leave into ESR. This means that in some cases the carried over leave information that is uploaded into ESR will be incorrect.  If any of your staff have been identified as this being a possibility we will send you a separate list that you need to check and ensure leave has been entered correctly.

Required Manager Actions
Ø	If applicable you will need to check the list sent to you (see above **)

Additional leave purchased (ALP’s)

  • This has already been added to ESR and Health Roster

We understand that the recording of leave can be somewhat confusing so please see this guide which should help in clarifying.  If you do have any further queries please contact the QBS team on 01246 253077 option 3 or email

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