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On-Call number changing on 17 July

Please note that from 17 July 2017 the telephone number for contacting the DCHS On-Call Team is changing to 01332 623700. This includes DCHS Estates On-Call, the DCHS On-Call Manager & Director.

Contacting the On-Call Team

  1. Call the switchboard at Derbyshire Healthcare (DHcFT) on 01332 623700.
  2. Ask to be put in contact with either “DCHS’ Estates On-Call” and/or “DCHS’ On-Call Manager” – dependent upon the nature of the problem as outlined below on when and when not to contact the On-Call Team; in some circumstances it may be reasonable to contact both On-Call Estates and the On-Call Manager.
  3. DHcFT switchboard may ask you for the following details: -
  1. Your name.
  2. Where you are calling from (state the site/location and service).
  3. A number which the On-Call Team can call you back on.

    If you have not heard back after 20 minutes, call DHcFT switchboard back to notify them and if necessary they will re-contact the On-Call Team.

DCHS Estates On-Call

When to contact DCHS’ Estates On-Call

  • Outside of working hours contact DCHS’ Estates On-Call (Monday to Friday 4pm - 8am, 24 hours over weekends and bank holidays) for urgent estates related issue, such as:
    • A significant damage to a building, e.g. water leak, roof failure, weather damage.
    • A utility disruption.
    • Denial of access to a building, e.g. failure of sliding doors.
    • An intruder/fire alarm issue.

      When not to contact DCHS’ Estates On-Call

  • If the issue can wait until the next day, e.g. a leaking tap that is running into a sink and draining away.
  • During working hours contact the Estates Helpdesk on 01629 817917 or use the fault reporting page on the intranet.

    DCHS On-Call Manager & Director

    When to contact DCHS’ On-Call Manager

  • When your normal line management is not available (e.g. out of hours) and senior managerial support is urgently required. For example:
  • An incident is affecting or has the potential to significantly affect patient care.
  • An incident is affecting or has the potential to affect the health & safety of staff, patients, or visitors.
  • A significant business continuity incident which requires the support of a senior manager.

    When not to contact the On-Call Manager

  • If your service’s management is available.
  • During normal working hours it is expected that incidents will be escalated via your line management.
  • If an issue has occurred out of hours but does not require immediate managerial input and can wait until the next working day.