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Walton Hospital speed bumps

If you have visited Walton Hospital in the past couple of weeks you’ll have noticed new speed bumps on the road near the pedestrian entrance into the hospital from the top car park, near the dining room. These have been installed as a traffic calming measure because of the large number of pedestrians -  staff, visitors and patients – now crossing the road at this point to enter the hospital via this entrance. You’ll appreciate the need to ensure the safety of all our site users, whether on foot or two or four wheels.

Please be advised that these are standard regulation speed bumps for a pedestrian crossing area and so the speed at which you should traverse the speed bumps is 5mph.

There are speed restriction signs in place along this stretch of roadway and we appreciate your help in maintaining the safety of all on site.

Issued on behalf of Steve Ward, estates project manager and Val Moores, locality lead for sites and services.