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League of Friends Ripley summer fayre

The Ripley Hospital's League of Friends summer fayre on Saturday was a great success! 

In the week prior to the fayre the Ripley Physiotherapy team set out to cover the distance between Ripley and Paris between us, by riding on our own bikes and the physio gym exercise bikes. Some of the distance was covered by the staff, our patients and the good people from the league of friends in the week prior to the fayre.  On the day we had 145km of 695 still to do in the space of 2 hours and despite our efforts we were just 20km short on Saturday. This was completed at the beginning of this week by one of our team and a bit extra too. Along with this we were making and trying rather fruitlessly (excuse the pun) to sell smoothies on the day, unfortunately they didn’t prove that popular with our audience, the ice cream man somehow stole our thunder!

We managed to raise around £110 from donations and smoothies.  We would still gladly accept any further donations towards the league of friends, for all the hard work that everyone has put in to this endeavour.  A big thank you to Jennifer Kirk who had the original idea and who set the target, Rachel Green for getting hold of all the fruit and the smoothie bike. Also, thank you to Danielle Ward, Sherridan Harries, Richard Barnes and his son Rufus for their efforts on the day hard selling smoothies, whilst trying to complete the final kilometres.  Finally a big thank you to the league of friends and the community of Ripley for supporting us on the Saturday.

Steven Palmer

Team Lead Physiotherapist

Ripley Hospital