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Money saving tips!

Welcome back to the second instalment of my money saving tips. In this issue, we’ll be looking to beat the recent inflation price rises and save money on both the everyday essentials and flights abroad!

Cheap holidays abroad

If you’ve not booked your summer getaway yet, or just fancy a last minute getaway, then don’t fret - there’s still time for you and the family. Finding a good deal can be time consuming, but fortunately there are a couple of websites out there that do all the hard work of finding cheap flights and hotels for you. In return, they receive some ad revenue, so it’s a win-win! - These guys came about a couple of years ago and have been going strong ever since. They cover every type of holiday – families and couples, sunny or snowy! They break everything down so it’s super simple to see exactly what’s on offer. They’ll also provide estimates for things like transfers, so you won’t get a nasty surprise post-booking. - Jacks Flight Club started out as a single chap looking for cheap flights but has since become one of the top bargain hunters of the web. It’s a simple concept – you sign up for their newsletter, and they send you the absolute cheapest flights out there. The only caveat here is that the daterange can vary massively, so this may only be useful if you’re able to be flexible when it comes to time off.

As always these are just my personal recommendations - there are many more offers available, so if in doubt, have a quick Google!

Online food shopping offers - save money and get it delivered!

Just about every major supermarket has launched their own online store allowing you to do all of your food shopping (and more) without having to move a muscle (well, other than your fingers!).

There are some downsides to shopping online; you can’t see or feel the item before you buy, and the cost of delivery can add up quickly (unless you go for the far less convenient time slots).

However, despite this, it’s still worth doing at least one online shop per supermarket simply due to the introductory discounts on offer – often saving you £20 + per chain. In addition, there are a myriad of money off vouchers and codes that can be stacked up.

A quick glance of introductory offers includes:

Waitrose - £20 off £180 spend

Sainsburys - £12 off £60 spend

To find all of these and more, visit, search for the supermarket and enjoy!

Many thanks for reading and catch you in the next issue.