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Accessible Information Standard

This standard is being implemented across Health And Social Care. To ensure that everyone using DCHS services recieves information that meets their individual needs, staff will be required to modify their communication to meet patients' individual needs. We will need to ask people about what individualised communication support they need to help them use our services. For a small number of patients, an Easy Read version of a leaflet may be helpful but for many others patients we will need to make adjustments to allow for any need related to a disability or sensory or cognitive difficulty. It is not possible to anticipate needs for all patients and have all versions of our information ready for them. There is no explicit requirement to translate all of our current leaflets into all languages nor different formats ready for the end of July, but staff must be aware of how to provide this information to patients if required.

  • As an organisation we have implemented the Accessible Information Standard by the end of July. For more information in the standards, including a PowerPoint presentation explaining what the standards are all about, visit our Accessible Information pages on My DCHS  here .
  • The web link is currently accessible to all but please note that you will need to log in to My DCHS to view these pages once My DCHS goes live.