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Goodbye and thank you, Megan Campbell!

Staff at Heanor Health Centre have said their final farewell  to Megan Campbell, Domestic, after all her hard work over the last 18 years.

Megan started working for DCHS in January 1999 and ever since her first day she has worked tirelessly behind the scenes and has gone above and beyond what was expected of her.  It is no wonder that Megan was the winner of the ‘Behind the Scenes Hero Award’ in March 2015 for going the Extra Mile.

Megan has always been our ‘ace up our sleeve’, ‘a shining star’, ‘our hidden gem’ and she will be missed by staff and patients alike.

The team created a special poem just for her:

Meticulous in her approach to cleanliness.

Exceptionally dedicated to her role within DCHS.

Gracious with visitors and staff alike.

Admired by all who witness her in action.

Never failing to make an impression.

We all wish Megan and long and happy retirement – she truly deserves it. Here's a photo of the beautiful cake made for her tea party: