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End Of Life Care

DCHS has revised the End Of Life & Mortality Audit- it is really important for you, your team and your patients as well as for the organisation as a whole, that you and your team complete this for every patient who dies on a DCHS ward or, if you are a community colleague, for every patient where you provided end of life care, regardless of where they actually die. The new End Of Life & Mortality Audit goes live on 1st July 2016.

You and your team shoud use the tool to review each episode of End Of Life Care and identify areas where practice could be improved, and also to identify good practice where you all went the extra mile for the patient and their family. Centrally we can gather this information and ensure lessons learnt are shared and achievements are celebrated. When you complete the tool you will be asked for you Email address, this will allow us to share the learning.

We also use the information you provide to identify unexpected deaths and trigger an in depth review of the circumstances by the Clinical Lead for advanced practice. On 1st July the links to the End Of Life Audit will automatically take you to the new tool.

Inpatients deaths should be reviewed and reported within 72 hours. Inpatients wards are NO LONGER required to complete a nil return. Community deaths should be reviewed and reported within 7 working days.

By the 7th day of the month any community teams who did not have a patient death in the preceding month should complete a nil return.

If you have any problems, questions or concerns please contact Tracey Brailsford on 07966981885