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Bronze Special Smiles award for Alfreton Park!

Alfreton Park Community Special School were delighted to be awarded with a bronze Special Smiles award by the DCHS oral health team.

The Special Smiles award is given to schools that dedicate their time to help improve pupils' dental health in several ways - nominating an oral health champion for the school, including oral health in their curriculum with an annual project, and on-site tooth brushing activities with free toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The oral health team created the award to help improve children's oral health and invites local schools to get involved. They are aware that children in special schools are particularly vulnerable and require additional support to prevent both gum disease and tooth decay to achieve better oral health. Special Smiles is aimed at developing life skills and promoting interventions to enhance long term oral health outcomes.

In a recent survey published by Public Health England (PHE. Sept 2015), children in special support schools have slightly lower levels of tooth decay than children in mainstream schools but are more likely to have their teeth extracted. The survey also shows that those who experienced decay have more teeth affected and their oral hygiene is poorer. The number of children in special support schools with a substantial amount of plaque on their teeth is double that of those attending mainstream schools.