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Enterprise Car at Whitworth

Following our recent change to Enterprise Car Club for providing our pool cars, a new Enterprise car is now available at Whitworth Hospital site.  This can be found in the rear car park – note it does not have a dedicated space and may be left in any available parking space after use.

Cars are therefore now available at the following sites: 

Walton Hospital, Babington Hospital, Clay Cross Hospital, Ripley Hospital, Newholme Hospital, Ilkeston Hospital, Whitworth Hospital and High Peak Halls in Buxton. 

The cars available are Fiestas; we have automatics available at Walton, Babington and Clay Cross.

Please only register if you will actually be using the pool cars – with the Enterprise system it is possible to register almost immediately should you suddenly find yourself without a car, so there is no need to sign up ‘just in case’.

One advantage with Enterprise is that if you have an Apple or Android device you can get an app to book and manage your bookings and access cars.

To join the general DCHS scheme fill out the  online application form here.

If you are a member of the current Discharge Group, please fill out the online application form here

(If you do not know whether you should be in Discharge Group then you probably shouldn’t be, so use the general DCHS scheme link)

What happens next?

When signing up you'll be asked to complete an online licence check. The Clubhouse team will then be in touch to finalise
your application. Your membership pack will be sent out in the post, and then you'll have full access to the service for work.

To make a reservation simply log in here with your membership number and secure password, set up at the time of application. 

To access the cars simply swipe your membership card on the reader, found on the dashboard of the vehicle.
Your 4 digit PIN (different to your password), is what you'll use to start your reservations via the in-car computer which can be found in the glovebox.
Once you've finished, just return the car to the spot you picked it up from.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mark Armstrong-Read -

Phone: 07917 106296