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One person: one device - helping to keep us cyber safe & reducing costs

It is best practice to only use one device (desktop, laptop or Toughbook).  This not only helps us to reduce cyber risk but also helps us to streamline costs.  We recognise this is difficult in some circumstances and clinics, but where possible we ask staff to use their assigned mobile device at all times including returning to base for shift end or handover.  Rather than use a shared desktop, please learn how to attach your laptop/Toughbook to a keyboard, mouse and screen to make it easier to use - Guide
You can print from a laptop or Toughbook to one of our network printers - Guide.  If you are struggling to set this up or don’t feel confident attaching your laptop/Toughbook to a monitor/keyboard etc please come to one of the FixIT sessions we will show you how.  

There are a few teams who have already implemented one person: one device. They are:  Community Therapy team – Babington Hospital; Health Visitor/School Nursing team – Clay Cross and The Hub and Heart Failure and Respiratory teams – Walton.  

Do you fancy playing your part in helping the Trust to be cyber safe and reduce costs?  We are looking for volunteers!  If you would like your team to be part of this pilot please contact Yan Kang 


For information

From 21 August 2017 we will be running a trial of one person: one device in the agile working areas in Clay Cross Hospital and The Hub.  We will reduce the number of computer terminals in these rooms by removing the pc hard drives. Staff will still be able to connect their laptops/Toughbooks to the monitor, keyboard and mouse.  Instructions on how to do this will be clearly visible at each workstation.


Please note:

There will be a limited number of desktop computers in these agile working areas. Staff are advised to bring their assigned mobile devices if they wish to work in these agile working spaces.