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Did you know you can now unlock your own smartcard ........ keep reading!

We are pleased to inform you that the function to ‘unlock’ your own smartcard is now ‘live’ and fully operational.  Up until now if any of us ‘locked’ our smartcard by entering an incorrect PIN/passcode three times in succession we would have to go to a Local Smartcard Administrator and ask them to ‘unlock’ it for us. Not anymore……… we can all ‘unlock’ our smartcards ourselves by following the two-step process below.
1>To use the new ‘Self-Service’ unlock function you need to register on the Care Identity Service portal first Instructions on how to do this are here 
2> Once registered you will then be able to use the new function by clicking this link  You can either save this link to your favourites or create a desktop shortcut. 
You only need to register for the service once but can unlock your our smartcard as many times as needed.
There will still be a need for Local Smartcard Administrators across the Trust as first time users and replacement smartcards will, initially,  still need to be unlocked in person (this is per the National RA Policy and will be included in the updated DCHS RA Policy).  Plus some staff will prefer to go to a Smartcard Administrator rather than use the new system.
Good luck and feel free to ask any questions – 

PS You can find the information about Smartcards & ID badges (& other IT systems/processes) via the LetsFixIT icon on your desktop