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Phishing Scam emails asking Staff to view a Fake invoice for equipment.

Following on from a few incidents, where suspicious emails have been received, staff are reminded to be extra vigilant in the wake of the recent Cyber Attack.


Staff have received a few emails purporting to be from Medequip stating that there is an outstanding invoice to be paid and encouraging staff to click on the link contained within the email to view the invoice.

This is a phishing scam and please do not click on the link.


1) Do not open any emails you do not recognise.

2) Delete the email from your inbox.

3) Delete the email again from your deleted items box.

If you have any questions relating to security or the information guidelines above then please contact myself on 07833 295383 or by email at

(Secure email address)

Thank you.

Example of the Phishing email below: