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Work on the new DCHS wide telephone system starting soon!

It’s been a bit quiet on the VOIP front recently but that’s all about to change!

Following a number of issues, we’re now in a position to start putting the new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system in place. VOIP means simply that our telephones will work on the same network as our computers instead of being on their own separate system.

Vodafone’s version of this system is called VONE-C and our changeover to this system will begin with Repton Health Centre and Walton Hospital as pilot sites at the end of August and beginning of September, followed by Long Eaton Health Centre and Swadlincote Health Centre at the end of September. All other hospital and health centre sites will follow, with completion of all sites anticipated to be done by Christmas this year.

We will also be bringing our mobiles onto the same VONE-C system during September. This will allow mobile phones and landlines to work together:

  • allowing internal transfer of calls between fixed telephones and mobiles using a simple 5-figure extension
  • allowing mobiles to be part of office pickup groups and hunt groups
  • providing free calls between all DCHS phones (whether landlines or mobiles)
  • providing fixed costs for all external calls whether made from landlines or mobiles.

Once all the transfers have been completed, VONE-C should significantly enhance and improve the communications capability across DCHS.

There will be:

  • large cost savings
  • better connectivity
  • easier call handling
  • more options for improving the end users experience when calling our sites and services
  • further opportunities for future development.

We will keep you informed as the changes take place over the next few months.