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Ryan Slinn to do tandem skydive to raise money for Shipley Dialysis Unit at Ilkeston Community Hospital!

On 27 August, Ryan Slinn will be doing a charity tandem skydive from the dizzying heights of 15000ft, the highest tandem skydive you can do without the need for additional oxygen! 

Shrewsbury resident, Ryan is making the long trip down to Dunkeswell Airfield in central Devon as they are one of the few centres in the UK who jump from 15,000ft.

The charity skydive is to raise money for the Shipley Dialysis Unit at Ilkeston Community Hospital and is inspired by the memory of Ryan’s Nanna, Sheila Slinn who passed away at the age of 91 in July this year. The Shipley Dialysis Unit is a satellite unit of Nottingham Renal and Transplant Unit operated by Nottingham University Hospitals and based on site at Ilkeston Community Hospital which is part of Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS). Ryan will be raising money for both the DCHS Charitable Trust and the Nottingham Hospitals Charity for the care that Sheila received from the Unit. 

Fifteen years ago, Sheila was diagnosed with kidney failure and it was decided that going on dialysis machines was the best option for Sheila to continue to live a normal happy life. For the majority of her treatment she was able to stay at home and travel locally to the Dialysis Unit three days a week to receive treatment. On behalf of his whole family, Ryan would like to say thank you to all the staff and friends who looked after his Nanna during this time: “Nanna got to spend many more years with her family because of the treatment she received and we are all so thankful for this, she was always saying the staff were great.”

Sheila inspired Ryan to raise some money to give something back to the unit for treating his Nanna for all those years: “Somebody somewhere could be being told that dialysis is their best option for a normal life. Although it’s something that nobody wants to hear, it’s not the end of the road and Nanna proved this.”

“I wanted to do something special and memorable in honour of my Nanna. Once the aircraft has reached the height of 15000ft, it's time to jump and I will free fall for anything up to two miles at an exhilarating 120mph. Following that I will gently drop for another mile by parachute where hopefully I will get a chance to catch my breath and be able to admire the stunning views before landing back down on home soil.”

We want to wish Ryan all the best on his skydive. He is hoping to raise £500 for charity and if anyone would like to make a donation, all the details can be found on his charity page here: