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Building Security/Windows being left open overnight

From Craig Burton - LSMS Security & Emergency Planning Officer

Following a spate of recent incidents, please can all staff be extra vigilant and ensure that all windows and doors are shut and locked at the end of the day/overnight and to turn off the lights and lock rooms when not in use.

If I can re-iterate that it is the responsibility of all staff to close their windows and lock their doors before they leave the building at night and be more aware regarding doing this even if notices have to put up as a reminder.

This is particularly relevant on all downstairs/ground floor windows and doors but also upstairs windows because of some areas have access via a flat roof.

I am receiving reports from early morning staff that they are finding windows left wide open.

I cannot stress enough the importance of this and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that windows and doors are shut and locked as this prevents a breach of security.

My take on this is, if you open the window then you close the window.

Many thanks for your support on this

If you have any questions relating to security or the information guidelines above, then please contact myself on 07833 295383 or by email at (secure email address)