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Walton Hospital - Lastest developments

If you are coming to Walton Hospital please be aware of revised parking arrangements as part of the latest stage in the redevelopment of the site. Over the coming weeks, construction lorriees and delivery vehicles will increasingly be coming in and out of the hospital's main entrance which has involved some safety preparations to ensure the roadway remains clear. Those of you who have visited Walton recently will have seen the red and white bollards in place along the roadside which runs down towards the old main entrance, and also around the flagpole spot, directly outisde the old main entrance. These  measures will remain in place to ensure bigger vehicles- including fire engines in an emergency - can get on site and then turn around to go out again. It means that parallel-parking along side the road is no longer an option, but we newly enlarged south car park (down beside Lea Hurst) has additional spaces to help alleviate any parking congestion. As you know the improvements to Walton Hospital are being phased in to enable the work to go ahead while the hospital continues to deliver patient care - which involves a certain amount of juggling- and your patience is very much appreicated.

The next step in the site redevelopment will be to move the waste compoundto a position beside the generator house, in late June. This helps clear the way for construction of a brand new 105-space car park in an area bordered by The Lodge, number 84 and the internal roadway. Watch out for the map (available soon) to help you visualise this better. It does mean that from late July the area covered by the proposed new car park will become a construction site and this area too will be unavailable for parking in the interim until the new parking facilities are ready.

And finally, a plea to remind you all no to exit the hospital from the lodge entrance. There have been several accidents in recent weeks with people trying to leave the site via the "entrance only" and we are very concerned for peoples safety. Please follow the road signs and leave the hospital via the main entrance so we can minimise the risk of a more serious incident occuring. It is quite possible that the insurance companies would not accept claims in these circumstances. Please help us keep this site safe.

If you have any more questions about these plans please feel free to contact Val Moores, lacality lead for sites and services on 01246 515528.