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Important Message Clinicians,Team leads

From the first 1st of June 2016 it is a legal requirement to complete a consent formwhen applying for Continuing Health Care. The consent from in available on TPP and SharePoint and is required to be printed off to be signed. The consent form can be signed by the patient or if the patient deos not have the capasity a family memeber/carer can sign on their behalf.

Important Information For Community Matrons, Team Leads and ICM's.

It has been identified in some cases the initial contact form has not been or partly completed. Could all staff please complete the inital assessment in full on first contact with your pateint/client/service user. If there are any concerns about the email please get in touch, many thanks, Sue Sheldon.

If you require further guidance and support please contact the Professional Standards and Safe Care Team on 01246 515870 or via email on