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New telephone (VOIP) system update

Following some ongoing issues with testing of the new telephone system there has been a delay in the roll out of our new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system. However, we’re now in a position to start putting the new VOIP system in place beginning with Walton Hospital this Thursday.

All other hospital and health centre sites will then follow, with completion of all sites anticipated to be done by Christmas this year.

We will also be bringing our mobile phones onto the same telephone system during October and November. Starting on 10 October, every Tuesday and Thursday we will be moving batches of mobile phone numbers over to the new system. You will be made aware via text message a couple of days before your phone is due to move over to the new system. On the appointed day you should notice minimal disruption to your mobile phone service but be prepared for your phone to be unavailable for a short time. Once the change is completed your phone should start to work again but it will be on the new system.

On the new system every mobile phone will also have an associated ‘landline’ phone number, so you can have a choice of whether to ‘advertise’ your mobile number or a landline number. To find out the landline number (and internal extension) associated with your mobile phone, there is a list available on the My DCHS page:

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact Mitchell Knowles or Mark Armstrong-Read on the VONE-C Support Helpdesk on 01332 562000 or