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Essential Car User Allowence - Important Update

We recently wrote to some staff to advise them that from 1st June, their Essential Car User Allowence would cease due to them no travelling 2,000 or more buisness miles in the period April 15-March 16 (to qualify for the allowance you need to travel, or are anticipated to travel, 2,000 buisness miles per year).

It has been brought to our attention by your Staff Partnership representatives, and also through phone calls recieved by our Quality Buisness Services Team last week, that many staff feel that the Trust gave insufficient notice of the allowance ceasing in June. We have now written again to all staff affected and accept that more notice could have been given.

We apologise for any inconvenience and upset this has caused. We will be working with our partnership collegues to ensure we improve this process ahead of next year's annual check. If you are concerned that the decision to remove your Essential User Allowence is not representative of the buisness miles you undertake, please raise this with your line manager in the first instance.

If you remain dissatisfied, the Travel and Other Expenses Policy gives you the right to appeal this decision, detailed at Appendix 5. You can access the policy using Staff Zone, or by calling Quality Buisness Services on 01246 253077 and press option 3.