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Prevent strategy and ESR changes

Since April 2013, the Safeguarding section of the NHS Standard Contract has required providers to embed Prevent into their delivery of policies, training and services. In addition, the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 placed a statutory duty on health organisations to consider the Prevent Strategy and participate fully in the work to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

The Home Office developed Wrap Training for clinical staff and for non-clinical staff they recommended Prevent basic awareness training. For staff who require the Prevent Basic Awareness training this in the past has been achieved via the E-Learning Level 1 Safeguarding training. The Home Office planned for all training to last 3 years and they have now recently developed  two E learning Packages to support the training competency being maintained for all clinical and non-clinical staff and to build on knowledge/skills.

The Home Office E Learning Packages are now available on ESR.

The Training and Development Team have been working hard to ensure that a competency is now attached to every staff members training profile. This includes both staff who have completed WRAP and also PREVENT Basic Awareness.  Moving forward this will therefore appear on all staffs training records on ESR.

NHS England have set a target of 85% for all trusts to ensure that all clinical and non-clinical staff are appropriately trained. It is therefore an essential requirement for all staff to complete the two E learning packages. The training packages are very short and for both will take 30-40 minutes to complete. The 85% target must be reached by March 2018. Moving forward we will be reporting compliance monthly to the trust board and quarterly via Unify to support the CCG, NHS England and the Home Office being able to monitor all health provider compliance rates.

Please can you ensure that the two e-learning packages is completed in your areas and that the importance of completion is stressed to managers, teams and professionals to ensure that we are meeting our legal requirements.