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SystmOne roll out completed

Last month saw the completion of the roll out of our key electronic clinical system, TPP SystmOne, to our integrated community nursing and therapy teams in Derby city. The completed roll out not only represented a landmark for Derby city but also marked the completion of our roll out across all of DCHS’ integrated community nursing and therapists.

DCHS first introduced TPP SystmOne in 2012 and has adopted the system as its key clinical system.  Over 2000 staff now use the system on a daily basis to help deliver care to service users in Derbyshire.

The use of SystmOne, and the mobile computers which many staff use to access the system, provides our clinicians with access to the information they need to deliver excellent care.  Clinicians have access to GP records, to the Summary Care Record, to on-line advice.  They can record their patient notes at the point of care and share their records to other SystmOne users, joining up care and providing a safer, better patient experience.

Our use of SystmOne does not end there. A small number of specialist community services are yet to move onto SystmOne  and we have plans to provide SystmOne to more staff within our inpatient and outpatient services over the coming months.  More importantly, we will continue to extend the benefits of using SystmOne to our clinicians and patients.  On line access to pathology results; electronic referrals, removing the need to complete referral forms outside of the clinical systems; and access to all GP records are on our radar.  The journey to roll out SystmOne is nearing its end but that of exploiting the system to help our clinicians in delivering excellent care offers further exciting developments.

Thanks to the efforts of our clinical teams in adopting SystmOne, DCHS is in an excellent position to harness the power of technology in delivering high quality services to the people of Derbyshire.