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Snacking solutions with Jamie Broadley, staff wellbeing lead

We all love a quick snack and it can be an unfortunate fact of modern life that we have to grab and go with some of our meals as we dash between patient visits or meetings. 

Whilst we would always advocate taking time out to sit and enjoy a proper lunch, it can also be useful to keep a stash of healthy snack swaps at hand in case you get caught in a rush or you need something to keep those cravings at bay! 

These three simple recipes will satisfy your taste for something salty and crunchy without having to grab the crisps. They also pack some serious nutrition too and are so simple to prepare… 

Rosemary fried almonds 

All you need are some blanched almonds, some fresh rosemary, a pinch of seasalt and some cooking oil (I use coconut, but also try olive oil). Simply heat the pan and oil and then chuck in the almonds until they are golden, then add the diced rosemary and some seasalt and fry for a further couple of minutes until the room is full of the rosemary smell. Then empty onto some kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil and leave to cool. You can make big batches of these to store and you could try different nut and herb combos too! 

Kale crisps 

These have a reputation as a healthy eating cliché, but they are so quick and simple and they really do satisfy those crisp cravings. The recipe couldn’t be simpler – tear up some dry kale (curly kale tends to work best) and smother with olive oil and a pinch of seasalt until it is all covered. Then lay out flat on a baking sheet and cook in a preheated oven until lovely and crisp. You may also want to try some different herb flavourings to mix this up - I always enjoy some paprika with mine! 

Courgette crisps 

Another simple crisp snack substitute that is so quick to make. Thinly slice the courgettes and follow the recipe for the kale crisps. Again play around with different flavourings, what about a jerk BBQ or a Chinese 5 spice? 

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