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Stop the pressure day

To all Tissue Viability, Nutrition, Continence, Infection Prevention & Control, Patient Experience & Dignity champions - It's the global STOP the Pressure Day on Thursday 16 November and the Quality Always and Tissue Viability Teams are hosting a social media storm and we want you to be involved!

The day is all about raising awareness of pressure ulcers. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase and celebrate the achievements of you and your team in relation to embedding best practice for Pressure Ulcer Prevention and to help raise awareness of pressure ulcers, as part of your champion roles.

During the day we look forward to seeing your Facebook posts and we will also be visiting areas to promote your work in association with Amy Pierrepont (Tissue Viability Clinical Trainer and Facilitator). You could share a picture from your ward showing your team next to the number of harm free care days from your KPI board (let’s see which team has the most!), upload a picture of a SSKIN display board you have created, share an event you have organised looking at specialist pressure relieving equipment options, or anything else that you’re doing to prevent pressure damage – think about the different elements of SSKIN.

The following web addresses are great for more information, inspiration and resources:

Please share your activity / promotion / event on this Facebook page.

For your colleagues who are not on Facebook, please ask them to email activity / promotion / event to (tel. 07827 252487) and we will share their work on Twitter and Facebook – remind them to tell us their team name and location.

If you are planning an event to celebrate the day please let us know – contact (tel. 07827 252487).

If you would like to discuss ideas in advance please do contact either Jenny Jeffcoat (, tel. 07827983223), Leanne Skanta-Reading (, tel. 07917267736) or Amy Pierrepont (, tel. 07775010152).