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Stay well this winter!

As the first frost hit it’s really important that we all take some simple measures to look after ourselves this winter which, in turn, will ensure our families and patients stay well too.

  1. Hand hygiene! As we all know, our hands are the first place to focus in the fight against germs or infections, it’s therefore crucial to practice great hand hygiene. Look out for the guidance by all of our hand washing stations and remind yourself of the key points with this video:

  2. Get your flu jab! Did you know that up to 77% of people with flu have no symptoms, so even if you feel you’ve never had it you could still be passing onto vulnerable patients. That’s why it’s crucial for all our wellbeing this winter that we get our jab. Check out our latest clinics here or email to find out more.

  3. Keep agile clean! If you are using agile work spaces or hot desking then remember some basic disinfectant guidance and use clinell wipes and alcohol hand gel to disinfect before and after using any shared equipment. This will help stop the spread of any potential germs from you or past users.

  4. Take care of your skin! Your skin is the main barrier between you and infections. In Winter it can easily dry out and become cracked, especially if you have to use lots of alcohol gels in your role. Remember to take care of your skin and prevent cracks by moisturising regularly. Speak to Occupational Health if your hands are suffering.

  5. Keep moving! When nights get longer and days get colder it can be tempting to wrap up and hibernate for the next few months yet exercise is crucial for keeping us happy and healthy through winter. Whether it be a 10min leg stretch at lunchtime or an evening gym class, try to program in some regular movement. You could even try this simple yoga routine to help relieve any winter blues: