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High intensity user pilot

A new high intensity user pilot will be running at DCHS for 18 months initially with Rachel Hammond as the Clinical Lead, based at Long Eaton Health Centre. The idea behind the pilot is to work with the most frequent users of the acute services (A&E) and to support them to utilise community resources to manage their conditions.  It is anticipated that a number of these patients will be complex with addictions & or mental health conditions.

It is going to be run jointly with Derventio Housing Trust, Rachel Hammond has experience of working in the community and she has experience of working with the substance misuse service in Scotland.  It is hoped that the next cohort of patients will be identified through a combination of referrals, which again are anticipated these will come through from CDT meetings.

The HIU scheme will utilise the support of the CPN's and therapists, who sit within the Enhanced community therapy team & care coordinators. We will hopefully use the extensive knowledge of Derventio to tap into the network of community resources working to support these patients to be a part of their community.

As the project moves forward we will have more updates.