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Social Media at DCHS

We’ve received a few questions from staff recently about using Social Media for work, whilst at work. This includes what type of posts are/aren’t suitable for posting. So, we’ve compiled a short FAQ list to get everyone up-to-speed!


Q: Can I use Social media for work?

A: Yes, and we actively encourage its use for work purposes. It’s a great way to connect with colleagues and share the fantastic things our staff get up to!


Q: Can I do this during my work hours?

A: Social media is for the here and now, so using it for work, at work, is fine. Just use a common sense approach – if you’re working with a patient or member of the public, or are on a ward, then you should wait until you have a break or in a private setting.


Q: Can I use my personal account for work purposes?

A: Yes – although we do advise that staff create a separate account solely for messages relating to their work, as this makes it much easier for you to keep your work/personal life separate, and also means your colleagues will only be seeing work-related messages when they follow you.


Q: Is there anything I shouldn’t talk about or say on social media?

A: We typically live by the rule “If you wouldn’t say it to your manager, colleagues or the public, don’t say it on social media!”.


Q: What if I’m not sure about my post, or that of a colleague?

A: If you’d like any further clarification, just send us an email at and we’ll be there to help!


Q: This sounds good, but how do I get started?

A: NHS England have produced a great guide on getting started with Twitter!


Thank you for reading. If you’d like to ask us anything social media related, feel free to get in touch at and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!