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Did you know..... these national fraud statistics?

Statistics from NHS Protect confirm that fraud committed within public health continues to affect the service provided as vital funds are diverted from patient care.

Nationally, in 2016/17 alone:

  • £30 million the potential value of all cases under investigation as of 31 March 2017
  • £9.6 million of identified loss to the NHS through Fraud, Bribery and Corruption following the successful conclusion of investigations by NHS Protect/Counter Fraud Specialists;
  • 13 successful criminal prosecutions and 63 criminal sanctions applied;
  • 196 civil, disciplinary & internal sanctions were applied


    Statistics also show that the majority of fraud is committed by people employed by, working for or providing a service to public health organisations.


    During 2016/17:


  • 57% of all reports received related to fraud perpetrated by NHS staff, workers or contractors;
  • The category was broken down as follows:
    • Employees remain the largest reported group at 86% (2,394) and the most prevalently reported areas within this are staff sickness and timesheet/overtime
    • NHS Contractor reports account for 13% (370) in this category  with 36% of the reports relating to prescribing /dispensing issues
    • Identity issues including forged, counterfeit and fraudulently obtained genuine documents account for 1.7%
    • General Practice reports increased this year to 4.7% (126), from 3.7% (109) in 2015-16. Within this category there were significant increases in Treatment Records/Claims, False claims and Conflict of interest


      How do I protect my organisation?


      The majority of fraud is spotted and reported by staff members, without the “honest majority” a vast amount of criminal activity would go unreported. If you do suspect someone of committing fraud follow these simple do’s and don’ts:


      …report your suspicion to your CFS immediately

      …keep any evidence safe

      …make notes on what you know/ heard/ saw



      …rely on someone else to make the call

      …ignore it

      …confront any suspect yourself directly

      …start an investigation yourself

      …discuss your concerns with anyone other than your CFS


      November is Fraud Awareness Month.  Watch out for further tips and advice from the Counter Fraud Team to protect you and your organisation against fraud. Don’t let the fraudsters get away with it!

    • If you have any further questions, please contact

      Liz Coleman

      Anti Crime Specialist

      Stapleford Care Centre, Church Street, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 8DB

      Tel: 0115 883 5320 Mob: 07785692226

      Please send confidential emails including those with patient identifiable information to

    • To report fraud or attempted fraud and to report potential scam messages or emails which affect you as an individual, you can contact Action Fraud. For more information please visit