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Outstanding Way - making better use of our technology

For our second highlight we are shining the spotlight on the progress we are making with making better use of our technology.  Over the past year we have listened to staff frustrations regarding the use of technology and have put in place support to help staff become more confident about IT connectivity, using technology in clinical settings and IT systems.  Here are some examples of this work. 








The Let’s Fix IT clinics were launched late last year. They were set up in response to staff expressing frustration with SystmOne:

•They were struggling to get the best from TPP
•They were reluctant to use Mobile Working (citing lack of confidence and understanding)
•They were losing data because connections were failing. 

Let’s Fix IT clinics offered an opportunity for all staff to get to grips with their IT related queries, whether regarding process, software, hardware or using agile solutions.

The clinics brought together a team of experts from DCHS & Arden & GEM to tackle IT issues head-on. Staff were encouraged to drop-in and let the team help them get ‘fixed’! The Fix IT crew tackled anything from problems with smartphones or mobile devices; Toughbooks, laptops and pc’s, to fixing Smartcard issues; solving e-learning queries; providing training on WebEx/conference calling systems and individualised refresher tutorials on SystmOne.

The sessions were hands-on, interactive and empowered staff to help themselves and colleagues. We have seen over 500 staff and 'fixed' more than 600 problems!

The clinics are still running every quarter - find out more here.

Anneka Johnson is a community staff nurse based at the Village Community Medical Centre in Derby.  She joined DCHS in October 2015. Anneka is currently on maternity leave (by the way Anneka, if you are reading this, congratulations on the birth of your first child; we hope you are enjoying being a mum), but before she went on leave she chatted to us about her life as a community nurse: she described a typical day and why she loves the DCHS approach, Toughbooks and SystmOne! We hope Anneka's enthusiasm for integrating technology into the way she works will inspire others to follow suite.  Read Anneka's story here.

We asked the question - What does an Outstanding Day look like?  We then talked to community staff to find out what they felt an ‘outstanding day’ for a clinician looked like, and following that we created a video which talks through the elements they felt were important.  You can view it here.

Who’s involved in the Outstanding Way?

This initiative is county-wide, starting in our community based teams, and is being led and supported by the following staff: Melissa Deighton – Programme Lead; Julie Wheeldon, Brenda Page and Jane Warder – Operational Leads and Jim Austin – Exec Sponsor.  There are also a number of other staff involved in leading/supporting specific work streams.

Want to get involved in Outstanding Way?
Please email if you’d like to get involved with any of the Outstanding Way projects or have a good idea that you would like to share with us. We are also interested to hear from staff who would like to become team outstanding way advocates. E: