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Getting Ready To Be Fax-Free

The department of Health is urging all Health and Social Services to stop using fax machines to transmit patient information. DCHS, as part of the Derbyshire Health Community (including the GP's), is commited to making this happen, and soon. The current deadline for stopping faxing is 1st October 2016.

Faxing is not a secure method of transferring confidential information. There have been many incidents at DCHS where patient information has been sent by fax in error to the wrong number; has been recieved but 'hidden' in the middle of another transmission and assumed 'lost'; has been recieved incomplete, but assumed complete and therefore missing important patient details or has arrived after hours and then found days later by someone, but not necessarily the intended recipient.

Staff are being encouraged to review when,and why they are using faxing to transmit patient information and to put in place alternate, more secure methods. Ask yourself, and your team:

  • Are we 'fax-free ready?'
  • Do we have a team e-mail address?
  • Do we know how to securely send confidential or sensitive information?
  • Could we transmit this information via TPP systemOne, using tasks or electronic referrals instead?

For more information about getting your team/service  to be 'Fax Free Ready' please contact Hannah Edwards  in IM&T or call the IG Team at Babington Hospital on 01773 824171.