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Outstanding Way - breaking down barriers

The Outstanding Way initiative has been listening to staff and working hard to break down and overcome barriers.  We want to enable clinical staff to do what they are trained and want to do – namely, spending time with and caring for our patients. 

One of the ways we have done this was to embrace the national Hello my name is campaign and take it beyond a name badge .... we produced robust vinyl stickers for Toughbooks and laptops and they are now available for staff. 

Staff told us they felt working with a Toughbook or laptop could feel awkward; it could feel like they were putting a barrier between them and their patient.  Having a Hello my name is sticker (facing the right way so that patients can see/read it properly!) helps to break down that barrier.  It is friendly, simple to use and a great basis for building trusting relationships with patients.

Our Patient Experience Team has also asked our patients how they feel about the use of technology (in particular Toughbooks/laptops) in clinical consultations.  The results were quite revealing - most patients really don't mind!

We spoke to Community Nurse Tom Davidson (Swadlincote Health Centre) about the Hello my name is .... stickers. You can see what he thinks by viewing this short video.

Anyone wanting a sticker should e-mail  or drop in to a Let's FIX IT Clinic in January/February 2018.

Who’s involved in the Outstanding Way?

This initiative is county-wide, starting in our community based teams, and is being led and supported by the following staff: Melissa Deighton – Programme Lead; Julie Wheeldon, Brenda Page and Jane Warder – Operational Leads and Jim Austin – Exec Sponsor.  There are also a number of other staff involved in leading/supporting specific work streams.

Want to get involved in Outstanding Way?

Please email if you’d like to get involved with any of the Outstanding Way projects or have a good idea that you would like to share with us. We are also interested to hear from staff who would like to become team outstanding way advocates. E: