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Procurement survey

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our survey earlier in the year.  This feedback was really useful and provided a good insight into issues some staff have when using the ordering systems and contact with Procurement.

All ratings and comments and suggestions were read and evaluated so improvements could be made where applicable.

Some of these include:

  • Additional information posted on the Procurement Intranet page and a real effort made to make it as user friendly as possible.

  • Revised Organisational Chart including brief job descriptions and responsibilities to better inform users of appropriate contacts.

  • Clearer terminology with less use of abbreviations (Glossary to be released shortly of frequently used terms)

  • Reminder e-mails sent out prior to holiday periods to remind users to activate their system vacation rule

  • Scheduled “Roadshow” style training sessions held at locations throughout the trust to meet the team and learn more about our systems, processes and procedures.

  • Production of training videos now uploaded to our Intranet page to show system processes more clearly including the uniform ordering process.

  • Supplementary advice and explanation on our masking policy and product restrictions to support the master approved product lists.