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Agile Working: What's Next?

During may, several events were held to promote agile working at DCHS. Key themes of posture, Health and Safety, connectivity and remote meeting technology were explored. If you are thinking 'what do I do next'?, these tips might help:

  • Check out the for information
  • At your team meeting discuss how agile working can be integrated in to your team and share the hints and tips and guides available on the agile web pages
  • Think how you can make changes to the way you and yout team work day to day. Can you reduce time spent in the office by using technology? Can you reduce face to face meetings by using teleconference or WebEx.

There are a number of staff who have made changes to the way they are managing their work, and adopting more agile ways. Why not have a go yourself?

‘Using a Jabra speakerphone blue-toothed to our mobile phone has helped us increase our number of teleconferences.  We use it every week and it has great sound quality as well as being very portable.’  – Planned Care and Outpatients
‘I’ve borrowed a smartphone with a front and rear camera on so I can Skype with my patients.  Some of them prefer it to a visit as it saves them up to an hour and saves me travel time too.’ – Diabetes Specialist Nurse
‘I have been using a micro projector.  I use it weekly to help facilitate discussions and it means I can do this without having to book a room that already has a projector in.  Because of its size and portability I have much more flexibility.’ – PMO Lead
‘I have a headphone and portable speaker and use both many times a week.’ – Jo Hunter

Please contact Melissa Deighton through or 0778646165, if you want to try out equipment such as speakerphones and webcams to help you or your team work differently, want more information about reducing travel costs, or to learn more about what we are doing to improve connectivity.