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Congratulations and farewell message to Elaine Jubb

Kathleen Hill, District Nurse from Chapel Health Clinic, has written a lovely farewell message for Elaine Jubb, who retires on the 19 Jan: 

Elaine has been an amazing HCA at Chapel for the last 28 years. She is an integral part, not only of the clinic staff but also the local GPs and the wider community. Her extensive experience of caring for patients in the community of Chapel has been invaluable. She's always been the 'go-to person' who knows what's going on and who needs help. Her knowledge of wound care and dermatology has enhanced the practice of the team as a whole. She has left quite a legacy behind her.

Elaine has a great sense of humour and always encourages and supports the team through thick and thin. She takes great pride in her appearance and puts us all to shame regarding her knowledge of the latest fashion and skin care products.  We will miss her very much and wish her all the very best for her well-deserved retirement. It is truly the 'end of an era'.