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Do you know what to do if a Carer tells you they have caring responsibilities?

Carers have recently told us that they struggle to access support and they don’t know where to turn at times of crisis or when needing to meet their own health needs. As staff we can help Carers by following the Ask – Record – Engage procedure with every person we come into contact with:

  • Ask – every person, do you have caring responsibilities?
  • Record – every answer onto the correct area of the equalities template on SystmOne or other systems you use, we need to know when a person has caring responsibilities so we can offer assistance and support. Please click here for guidance for recording a Carer on SystmOne.
  • Engage – help Carers to find local support and advice by giving out the Carers in Derbyshire wallet cards with information on the Carers in Derbyshire or advising them that they can call the Derbyshire Carers Association on 01773 833833.

If you would like more Carers in Derbyshire wallet cards to hand out or some Caring for Carers posters for your areas, please contact the Patient Experience team on