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Calling all Medequip prescribers ..... do you always encourage patients to return unused NHS items and equipment?

Are you aware that DCHS is reimbursed a significant percentage of the cost of equipment when it is returned?  Please think Return, Recycle, Reuse as often as you can and encourage patients to return unused or no longer required equipment.  In this way we can all help limited resources stretch further and enable more patients to access the equipment they need.



DCHS has launched a new Medequip prescribers awareness campaign.  Over the next few weeks, all Medequip prescribers are being asked to refresh/update their understanding of their responsibilities as a prescriber, familiarise themselves with the updated DCHS web resource and take note of our eye-catching posters and other materials!

Please share your experiences with us
The OW equipment project team are interested in hearing about any experiences you have with Medequip/ICES. Click here to find out how to let us know what is happening!

Who’s involved in the Outstanding Way?

This initiative is county-wide, starting in our community based teams, and is being led and supported by the following staff: Melissa Deighton – Programme Lead; Julie Wheeldon, Brenda Page and Jane Warder – Operational Leads and Jim Austin – Exec Sponsor.  There are also a number of other staff involved in leading/supporting specific work streams.

Want to get involved in Outstanding Way?
Please email if you’d like to get involved with any of the Outstanding Way projects or have a good idea that you would like to share with us. We are also interested to hear from staff who would like to become team outstanding way advocates. E: