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TPP SystmOne Falls assessment documentation update

We want to keep staff up to date with all the upcoming changes that are happening because of the Outstanding Way initiative. This update contains important information about the TPP SystmOne Falls Assessment documentation review. 

  • A review was undertaken in response to feedback from staff regarding barriers to working, where documentation was cited as one of the main barriers.
  • The falls assessment documentation was a priority due to the multiple documents available and duplication across a number of documents. 
  • The review has also sought to clarify processes.
  • The new documentation has been approved by DCHS Docs Group.
  • This has primarily been a streamlining exercise and whilst the layout will be different, the content will be very familiar.

Falls Policy – the review has not challenged or changed the Falls Policy.  Please see HERE to find the most up to date version of the DCHS Falls Policy. Search for 'Falls management policy for use in the Community’.

Key date - the new forms will go-live 12 February 2018. The updated Multifactorial Falls Risk Assessment (MFRA) documentation will be deployed to all TPP SystmOne units, including MIUs, Community Matrons, Cardiac Services, Continence Services, Respiratory Services and Learning Disability.

Falls documentation - guidance note
We have worked with our clinical colleagues to develop a Falls documentation guidance note for all staff.


Please familiarise yourself with the content of the guidance note and share widely with all colleagues.

Please note the following KEY messages:

> Multifactorial Falls Risk Assessment (MFRA)

The key changes to the MFRA are:

  • The addition of notes boxes in each section.  This is for staff to fill in free text that will give a more detailed explanation of their intervention(s) if appropriate
  • The addition of an ‘osteoporosis’ question – question 9
  • The MFRA can be completed by all staff.  All conclusions/actions should be recorded in the PPOC.

>  Staying Steady Specialist Falls Assessment
Following review this document has now been streamlined. Please see the guidance note for more detail.

  • The new Staying Steady will be easily accessible from within the PPOC.  It will appear in the list of options that includes other risk assessment documents like the Multifactorial Falls Risk Assessment, and like the MFRA should only be used if there is a clinical indication for its use.
  • Staying Steady is for use by experienced healthcare professionals (eg OT/PT/Specialist Falls Nursing staff) ONLY.
  • Staying Steady is mobile working enabled. Screen shot guidance will be available after ‘go-live’

OT/PT assessment forms – staff should only use these where there is clinical justification for use eg the patient has been referred for something other than a fall; the patient is not showing any sign of a risk of falling.

Falls documentation process flowchart
Please click here to download a copy of the flowchart.


Further information or need more support?
We have created a specific Falls Assessment documentation tab on the Outstanding Way intranet page. Please see here.

Falls champions
Champions were involved in the review and piloting of the updated falls assessment documentation.  Please feel free to ask them for more information.

If you feel, having read the information included with this e-mail, that further training is needed please do get in touch.  E:
  We can work with clinicians to develop support materials - eg video guides and or a WebEx presentation once the new documentation goes live.

Clinical Support for electronic records

The clinical support team are an integral and collective part of the operational quality team.  They are specialists in SystmOne but professionals in their own right.  The team currently includes a general nurse, learning disabilities nurse and a Physiotherapist.  The team are a responsive service that ensures clinicians have access to empathetic guidance and support regarding electronic records (SystmOne).  More information.

Want their help?
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E-mail queries -

Whilst we have endeavoured to involve as many people as possible in the review, we recognise it has not been possible to involve everyone.  The Falls assessment documentation is used by a wide variety of clinicians in a number of settings.  Please do get in touch to let us know if there is something that has been amended that you would like to challenge or change. Please e-mail Tracy Gilbert E: