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Attention please! Going paperless is good for the planet, but it mustn't make us careless

There have been a few incidents recently where filing cabinets are being sold or given away and haven’t been checked properly beforehand.  Paper records belonging to previous owners have been found down the back and at the bottom. Whilst paper is being used less and less within the organisation it is still important that all paper records are stored correctly. 


Please can staff check any filling cabinets that are in their work areas for any potentially missing or 'lost' folders/records. 


Please can each team also nominate a filing cabinet 'monitor'.  This person should take  responsibility for thoroughly checking any filing cabinet or drawer units that are surplus to requirement by the team before they are gifted or sold on.  Specific attention should be paid to checking in and behind drawers and at the bottom of cabinets as it is very easy for files to drop down between the gaps. 


Thank you.