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Medequip prescribers - what do you know about placing urgent orders?

Do you know that all urgent and next day orders must be authorised and processed by 4pm to hit the deadline for being accepted as an urgent/next day order? Please remember to factor in authorisation and processing time when ordering.


DCHS has launched a new Medequip prescribers awareness campaign.  All Medequip prescribers are being asked to refresh/update their understanding of their responsibilities as a prescriber, familiarise themselves with the updated DCHS web resource - click here - and take note of our eye-catching posters and other materials that will be appearing on posters, screensavers and stickers in a department or office near you!

We have also designed some e-mail sign off banners to help promote awareness and our campaign.  Why not attach them to your e-mail signature to help remind yourself, colleagues or staff in other parts of DCHS of your responsibilities as Medequip prescribers.  Find out more here, including how to add a banner to your e-mail signature.

Why not make the new MyDCHS Medequip web page a favourite? - & easy to find!
Follow the simple steps on this link and have easy access to the Medequip page at all times! 
You can also follow this guidance to make any web page a favourite and easy to find.

Outstanding Way (OW) - we have been focussing on the issues and challenges staff have highlighted around accessing equipment from Medequip.  We are looking at internal processes; consistency; accountability and audit;  authorisation processes and weekend working.  We are also working with our partners at ICES to look at improving authorisation and other processes. Whilst this project has initially been focussed on the 'County' contract, we are also speaking to our partners in Derby City to look at the 'City' contract too.

Please share your experiences with us
The OW equipment project team are interested in hearing about any experiences you have with Medequip/ICES. Click here to find out how to let us know about what is happening!