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New online sexual health screening service

We’ve made some great progress in reducing the stigma of physical and mental health issues, but now it’s time to consider your sexual health. Talking about our sexual health is deemed a taboo subject and often embarrassing to even mention. Support our push to reduce the stigma of getting a full annual sexual health screen (or when you change partners) and order your free test kit online today.

Integrated Sexual Health Service has teamed up with SH:24 to provide full sexual health screening for the residents of Derbyshire. The tests are quick and easy to order to your home or work (as long as it’s a Derbyshire postcode – not Derby City currently) and you’ll receive your kit and results swiftly too.

SH:24 provide confidential and non-judgemental sexual health screening for anyone over 16 years old and they will direct you to any treatment or advice once you have your results.

With a lower than average uptake of Chlamydia and HIV testing in Derbyshire, this service is vital to supporting the great work our Integrated Sexual Health specialist team already carry out. It means we can reach more people, especially people who are tricky to engage with our service and to support those who need our expertise.

When caught early, STI’s and HIV can be effectively treated.  Click here to order your full sexual health screen today

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