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One person: One device - a new initiative

Cyber threat is still an issue in DCHS. Currently around 15% of computers/laptops/Toughbooks are NOT regularly patched and updated with security software. We have been working in the background on a number of activities to help with this process:


> We have established a basic IT ‘kit list’ for staff (ensuring staff are equipped with the right equipment to be able to deliver their role).  The DCHS Staff Role and IT Requirement List was agreed by TME.

>We are working to reduce the number of devices in circulation in the Trust. A pilot of the One person; One device initiative was carried out successfully in the summer 2017 with some operational teams (community therapy team in Babington; Health visitor teams in Clay Cross and the Hub, Heart Failure team in Walton as well as the hot-desk room and the bench at Clay Cross). We are now looking at rolling this out to all teams across DCHS.  The first stage of this process is an audit of the desktop devices.

> We are issuing regular reminders to all staff regarding the updating of security and other patches to encourage good staff habits

> We are establishing an equipment loan service at main sites.  We will be making one or two laptops available to borrow from main reception areas for emergency use – eg staff who usually use a desktop but need to attend a meeting.  These will need to be booked out and returned at the end of a working day.


> We have set up a web resource on My DCHS - - for more information and guides on how to move staff to One person; One Device and getting the most out of using mobile devices.