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VOIP - retrieving voicemail and remote call forwarding

Further information on how to set up voicemail, what the ID number of the phone is and setting up your pin can be found in this user guide at the end of page 3. Further user guides for VOIP phones are also available on the VOIP / VONE-C Information and Support page.


Access voicemail remotely

You can check and retrieve voicemail on your VOIP phone via your mobile:

  • Dial 01332 564984 and enter the ID followed by # (the ID will be 400xxxxx, where xxxxx is the extension number of the phone you are trying to check voicemails on).  Then enter the 6-digit PIN which was used to first set up the voicemail followed by #. 


Set up call-forwarding remotely

You can get online to put the call forward on remotely, details of how to set this up and do this are below:

Then, to change Forwarding settings (Landline):

  • Once in self-care (as above) click on the 'My Phones' in the list on left side of the screen
  • On next screen select your device – it should be a hyperlink as shown in the diagram below:

  • On next screen, select where it says ‘Line 1’ to get this screen below.  This is where you can add the correct number under the ‘Forward All’ heading (Do not tick the box).  Phone number should have a leading 9 (for outside line), so to call 01246 515581 you would put 901246515581 in the ‘Forward All’ box