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Agile working & door codes – all staff are asked to think about how they are storing this information

We understand that being 'agile' and working in the community trust setting where staff are required to travel to various sites and work in spaces that sit behind 'locked' doors can be challenging. We know it is difficult to remember all of the door codes or passwords but please DON'T write these down on pieces of card/paper that can easily drop out of a file/folder or notebook or a sticker which you then stick to the back of your smartcard or ID badge.  This may be handy for you, but if it is easy to access for you it is also easy to access for everyone, including members of the public.


Writing down door codes or passwords and sticking them to the back of smartcards, or on pieces of card/paper or in notebooks is a significant security and IG risk. Why not try saving the codes as contacts in your phone ? Or using virtual sticky notes on your laptop/Toughbook desktop? Using the latter, all codes will be protected by a password.


If you have any queries please contact the IG team at