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A new initiative – One person; One device is coming to a team/service/area near you very soon!

OPOD (One person;One device) is primarily about staff having the right access to IT equipment in accordance with the DCHS Agile Working Policy and DCHS Staff Role and IT Requirement. The main objectives are: rationalising IT assets within DCHS; maximising the utilisation of IT equipment and reducing the risk of potential Cyber Attack. OPOD is being rolled out in four stages.  

1. Audit of the desktop devices, assessment of compliance (life span) and identification of possible equipment for recycling
2. Agreement of stage one proposal with team leads.
3. Action - staff move to single device as appropriate.
4. Archive – transformation team co-ordinate decommissioning of old PCs and recycling PCs. 

The benefits of OPOD are: 

  • Ensuring staff have the right IT equipment for their role
  • Reducing # desktop PCs and costs
  • Increased confidence using mobile devices
  • Recycling surplus devices
  • & helping keep DCHS cyber safe

We have already managed to re-cycle surplus hard drives and provide Sexual Health with ‘new’ kit as a result of the OPOD initiative.  This has saved the Trust approximately £21K [26PC x (£500 license fee+£300 hard ware)= £20,800]

We have produced a poster to help staff understand OPOD - find out more here.


Please help us to help you; give OPOD a chance!