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TPP SystmOne - update for clinicians and clinical leaders



       Guidance for Saving Events in SystmOne ICS Units



We have been working under the umbrella of the Outstanding Way focussing on the issues and challenges around the consistent recording of activity on TPP/S1 by ICS community staff.  We are developing guidance for staff (new and existing) and leaders on best practice for recording of activity to support day to day management, good patient flow, staff, flexibility between teams and help with service planning. We recognise how important this consistency is, and never more so than now as ICS leaders increase their understanding and use of the new Outstanding Way Dashboard.

Please see - Guidance for Saving Events in SystmOne ICS Units.- for a copy a of the first in our guidance series.
The guidance:

  • is ready for use now
  • has been developed with clinical support (our pilot group tell us it is logical and doesn’t demonstrate a big change)
  • has reduced the number of choices for staff in the hope that this makes it easier to record activity 
  • includes a number of scenarios to help staff choosing options when saving their activity.

The key change is:  

  • the introduction of marking events as either planned or unplanned.  Most visits will be planned in advance, and this will be the default option, but where we see patients who are already on the caseload for an exacerbation of an existing condition this should be marked as an unplanned visit. Some examples of this are end of life on the day requests, blocked catheters or amendments to equipment.  This should help capture and demonstrate the amount of rapid work we are asking teams to do.  This will not replace the need to start a new referral where we are seeing a patient for admission avoidance or discharge but will add to the way we understand the work our teams are undertaking. 

Please note: We will be removing some of the current options from the system and implementing the Planned vs Unplanned element from TPP/SystmOne on the 4 April 2018
All clinical staff are asked to ensure they are aware of the new guidance, and start to use it to help us to improve standards of consistency when staff are recording information on TPP SystmOne. We are currently working on guidance for consistent recording of referrals.
Our guidance series is available via the Let’s Fix IT and Outstanding Way web portals.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kavi Berry, Mel Deighton, Hannah Edwards or James Chisholm if you have any queries about the guidance or the OW Consistent Recording of Activity project.